All about rowing machines gets the job done!


In Among the trendiest aspects of the 21st century is health and fitness. People have put uttermost importance on how they look and what they eat. How you look and what you do sends out a strong message of who you are. So keeping fit is no longer a luxury or a part time thing; it is part and parcel of the modern dairy. However, being fit just like anything requires input. You got to invest in going to gym or buy equipment for your own workouts. Here I take you through one such equipment, the rowing machine.

A rowing machine also called an indoor rower or ergometer is a multitasking exercise machine used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing. A rower is someone who takes part in the exercise. Among its major parts include the energy damper, chain, handle, stretcher, rail and the flywheel. The general movements that are made progressively are the catch, the drive, the finish and recovery or return to catch. Minor variations or additions may exist depending on the instructor.

Rowing in muscle strength building

Rowing has tremendous benefits to your musculoskeletal system-muscles and skeletons. Well rowing improves your muscle tone; it increases your passive resistance to move either when pushed or by gravity. Secondly it improves your muscle strength or power normally graded in a scale of 0 to 5. A scale of five means your muscles have maximum strength while 0 means they have no power at also suffice to say it helps your general stamina. You want those lovely abs? Those wide shoulders all ladies will want to lean on or you just want those biceps capable of dishing out flooring punches? Make rowing your next big thing. It strengthens your calves, hamstrings, the shoulder muscles, the obliques, the triceps and the all-important gastrocnemius at the back of your leg. Your general body flexibility improves too.

Rowing and the heart

The importance of the heart cannot be overemphasized. Let it stop beating or pumping blood and you are good as dead. At this age where atherosclerosis and obesity all courtesy of our self-damaging appetite for fried fast foods and elevated blood levels due to a lot of salt intake rowing is very important to counteract their effects. In rowing our cardiovascular function greatly improves. This is because it is an endurance training regimen.

Managing obesity

Another key aspect is burning calories in your body. This means all that adipose tissue beneath your skin or on the tummy won’t be an issue anymore. This is because with your body carbohydrate sources depleted by the aerobic exercise, the body needs to replenish it. This is achieved by mechanisms that trigger breakdown of fats to generate energy. By this you are ready to lose weight. Scientists estimates the cut at 280 calories for every 30 minutes in a 130 pound woman! Perfectly what have been looking out for if your BMI reads above 30!

Rowing relieves stress

On a psychological aspect a rowing machine is a great stress reliever just like any other exercise regimen. You put your mind and energies all concentrated on the activity at hand. Exercise triggers release of good feel hormones doctors call them endorphins. You are depressed by anything go the rowing way.

Why rowing

Among its advantages that make it well suited for you is that it has a lower rate of injury risk and that it can be used by people at all ages and at different fitness ladder level. Its super low impact on the joints means it’s pretty efficient for old people. Its diversity means it can be stationed, at home, at the gym and even right in front of your fireplace! They are too adjustable in terms of resistance levels thus accelerate the rate of your development.

However improper technique causing back injuries has been noted to be a major letdown. However if you learn a proper technique this should not be the case. Other people point to it being expensive as a reason why they cannot embrace it. You can enroll at a nearby gym to counter this.
Great models exist. Go for one that personally suits you. What works for me won’t necessarily work for you. Among the best reviewed forms include Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine and ProRower H20-RX-750.So friend let’s get and row our way all to fitness and happiness!